Would you like to be part of a growing and active gaming community here in Ottawa? Board Gaming Crew is looking for local and national businesses who would be interested in donating in one of the following ways:

Giveaway donations
Buds and Boardgames is a board gaming event, and we hope to have a large number of games to give away. We wouldn’t be able to do this without the generosity of these great publishers. We also love getting our local businesses involved, this can be achieved by giving away coupons, gift certificates, or other items promoting your company.

We’re expecting over 150 attendees this year, that’s a lot of chairs and tables! Is your company interested in providing these items, or contributing towards their rental?

Any company who sponsors Buds and Boardgames will be mentioned in all of our promotional materials. Your company will also receive shout outs on our social media channels. Creative sponsorship ideas are always welcomed.

Contact us at info@boardgamingcrew.com for more information about our sponsorship opportunities.

tier 1 sponsors

tier 2 sponsors

play-to-win sponsors

game library sponsor

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